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Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
of wyoming, former u.s. senator. [applause] from the sea of california -- state of california, antonia hernandez. welcome. [applause] and the newest member of the commission, which means a lot to me, we are happy to add to our list tonight father john jenkins from notre dame university. [applause] now i have to lecture first about these things. this all will be dark as we go forward. even if you have it on silent and you turn it on, it flashes with lights. hopefully we can live a for 90 minutes without these things turned on. turn them off. keep them off. secondly, this is not the primary debate. all the cheering we have heard, we hope we will not hear that until the end of the debate. there are many people in this audience to are part of history. you are here in person. there'll be millions of people sitting at home and watching this and listening very carefully to the president and to governor romney and trying to determine what they will do in november. it is wrong for us to intrude on them. please, do not clap or cheer. do not make any noise. we have a little surprise for those who
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in oxnard, california. he is a democrat. >> honestly, in my opinion, everybody always looks to the presidential debate and they always suggest what the president has to offer and what he wants to offer. you have to think about what if the president is not there? his the president listening to -- who is the president listing to? everybody is saying, he is the other half of the heartbeat. if you don't know what your vice president has to offer, what do you really know? >> what kind of job do you think joe biden has been doing in the role? >> in my opinion, i think he has done a good job. i have supported him since they won. if it gives more of a chance to show what they have to offer, when president obama is elected, and he will be reelected, in my opinion, he is definitely going to show his strength and show what he can do. the same way he always has. >> here are a couple of facebook comments on this question. that is some of the commons. you can join the conversation there if you would like on facebook and the c-span page. we also have a second screen experience for those o
Oct 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. from california, charlie, a republican. caller: we seem to be lost out here on the left coast. nobody pays attention to us while -- while we pay $5 a gallon for gasoline. the use of foreign in our debt -- food in our gasoline is a huge factor. we would love to have answers from that from the two contestants. >> thank you. those are the 82 people who have been selected by pulling troops to be part of the undecided people in the town halls tonight taking their seats. they get to sit there for about half hour you can imagine their anxiety, all sorts of emotions. a full hour to wait until their time on camera. next is a call from south carolina. >> my question would be in regard to the libyan situation, the president owes the american people the truth. why does he keep changing his story? >> next up is a call from texas. this is gary, who is a democrat. >> i would like to ask the candidates what are they going to do to lower gasoline and diesel prices, which is having a bad effect on every part of our nation. if everybody boycotted exxon mobil, i guarantee the price of gasoline would come
Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
preparing to assist afghan troops to take over?" next is wesley from sacramento, california, good evening. caller: hello. this is wesley. host: yes, you're on the air. please go ahead. >> thank you very much. well, my question would be to mr. romney. since he is so much on top of foreign policy, why would he question president obama about what happened in ben zazi when in fact the president has access to all of the intelligence information and a lot of which cannot be divulged to the public at large, and particularly to a person like mr. romney? and my last comment would be is that we, the american people, are not really voting for a debator in chief, we are voting for a commander in chief. and i think president obama follows the criteria. host: bob schieffer is the moderator for the debate tonight. he's been at cbs news since the late 1960's. he is the chief washington correspondent. he's also the host and moderator of "face the nation" on sunday mornings, which we air on c-span radio. he has hosted previous debates. you can see him yesterday from lynn university as he hosted the program
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4